Introduction to the WordPress Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar is the grey bar you see at the top of the page as you navigate around your site while you are logged in. Links appear in the Admin bar based on the type of account you have, administrator, subscriber etc….

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Add Paragraphs to Posts and Pages

When editing Posts or Pages you’ll need to have spaces between paragraphs so that the text doesn’t run together making reading cumbersome. Here’s how to add paragraphs:

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Add New Post

Posts are different from pages in that they do not get their own link in the main navigation and they can be categorized by Categories and Tags. Tags are like keywords. Posts can be used for discussing topics, current events, blogging, or other info. Think of them like a newspaper article or journal entry. Here’s […]

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Add New Page

When you want information on your website to be available in the main navigation of the site, and you want it to always be there then you should create a new page. Events are probably more suited for the “Events” area. If you need to put up information about an event this probably isn’t the […]

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Upload Media to the Media Library

The Media Library or “Media” in the side bar of your admin area is where all of the files you upload are kept. This can include pdf documents, images, videos, or other files.  Here is how you can upload files to your media library.

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Add Image from URL

You want to add a picture to a page or post but it is on another website and you don’t want to have to upload it. After viewing this tutorial you’ll be able to do just that:

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Add Heading style to a Post or Page

Lets say you want a big bold title font, but you want it to look consistent with the titles elsewhere on the site. This is how you do it:

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Add an Image from your Computer

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how you can upload an image from your computer.

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Add Image from Media Library

If you have previously uploaded an image you can add it to a page or blog post. Here is how:

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